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The People’s Pantry Food Recovery Society builds bridges between food retailers and producers faced with excess food and people faced with food insecurity. We are a non-profit society incorporated in May, 2020, serving the citizens of the Tri-Cities. The People’s Pantry is primarily a volunteer-run organization, including a Board of Directors. All of the surplus food we offer to families and individuals is safe to eat and nutritious. The food in our food hampers meets Food Safety requirements and offers a wide variety of food groups including dairy, bakery, meat, and fruit and vegetables. We work hard to tailor our food hampers to meet individual dietary requirements. Whether you are a client or a potential donor, The People’s Pantry is here for you.

Our Goals
The People’s Pantry aims to:
Partner with food retailers and food businesses who are facing excess food that typically would end up in the landfill, including “Best Before” dated products.

Redistribute excess food to seniors, single parents, and at-risk youth in the Tri-Cities struggling with food insecurity.

Collaborate with community groups who provide a food safety network so that together we can assist those seeking food and challenged with food insecurity.

Build a sustainable food recovery Society that can dynamically respond to fluctuations in rescued food, consistently provide food to families in need, and reliably support the operations with resources and funding.

We are Growing!
Since our early days at the start of the COVID pandemic, we have seen our numbers grow in all areas – from the number of individuals and families we serve to the number of volunteers who so generously give their time to the food donors and retailers who are providing us with our rescued food to the amount of food we are collecting each week. Visit our pages on this site if you are interested in donating funds, becoming a food donor, volunteering with us or wishing to register to receive a weekly food hamper. Thank you for your support.